Strengthening Internal Values for Lasting External Impact

Creating — Building — Sustaining


  • What internal values make my decisions?
  • How does my life matter to others?
  • Is my lens for life others-centric?
  • Am I satisfied about how I lead others and its impact on them?
  • Do others implicitly trust me without reservation?
  • Does my team follow our core beliefs for working together?
  • Is my organization committed to integrity between what we say and our actions?
  • What can I do to establish consistency in my life and its influence on others?

As a sampling of important questions affecting the success of your personal and/or organizational life, Red Beryl Consulting serves individuals like you to get these answers to the people-side of organizational life. For individuals and leaders, I can help identify and encourage your gifts, internal values/character and strengths. The same can be explored and discovered for your teams or even the whole group you are part of. As we each live by a set of beliefs and values that drive decisions, so do organizations. Do you know what these are? Are you faithful to them? When we connect our internal beliefs (culture) to our actions with consistency over time, impact happens.

I get it. Leading or being a part of a team/organization is demanding. You may be in a position where your own potential is not being realized given the responsibilities you carry. Maybe you are someone who aspires to leadership or maybe you already have that role. Let me help. I can bring perspective and encouragement to the areas of personal culture you already have vision for and simply need support, prompt a new view of the future, as well as work through any challenges you may be experiencing.

Your internal culture makes or breaks you personally, and your organization. My goal is to help you build and sustain a strong internal culture which then will lead to external influence that lasts.

Mark Francis

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