Helping Individuals, Small/Medium-Sized Businesses and Organizations Strengthen Their Internal Culture

Discover Personal Strengths/Gifts – Life & Leadership Coaching  – Promote Meaningful Communication – Impact Culture with Key Values


  • Are you interested in personal life coaching? What about Team or leadership coaching?
  • Are you a small to medium-sized business owner/officer/manager?
  • Do you recognize the value of understanding your internal company culture (your practiced, company beliefs and values and their reflection in your decisions) but don’t have the time to spend on it?
  • Is your personal leadership in your present role all you want it to be?
  • Do you know without reservation that your staff trusts you?
  • Is your internal culture undercutting or promoting your business goals and marketplace impact?

As a sampling of important questions affecting the success of your personal and/or business life, Red Beryl Consulting helps individuals like you get these answers to the people-side of business. For individuals, I can help identify and strengthen their gifts and strengths. For businesses or other organizations, I can assess current cultural climates, identify both successes and challenges, and create meaningful actions that can maximize your leadership and personnel capital for meeting your business goals at both team or organizational levels.

I get it. Running a business or serving as a leader is demanding. You may be in a position where your own potential is not being realized given the responsibilities you carry. Maybe you are someone who aspires to leadership. Let me help. I can bring perspective and encouragement to the areas of culture you already have vision for and simply need support, as well as work through any challenges you may be experiencing.

Your internal culture makes or breaks you or your organization. My goal is to help you build and sustain a strong internal culture which then will lead to impactful external influence.

Mark Francis

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