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I am passionate about individuals, leaders and organizational groups discovering the worth of their lives not only for themselves but also for those they serve. Over the past 35 years of experience, my association with amazing individuals in various roles have served to identify and strengthened the time-tested values for positive cultural practices leading to confident, engaged and valued personnel.  Some of my more significant experiences have included:

  • Attaining two college degrees: B.S. Range Science (Texas A&M University 1987) & M.S. Rangeland Ecology (Utah State University 1993)
  • Providing administrative and instructional responsibilities for both university academia and private business;
  • Numerous advisory and senior leadership roles with both profit and non-profit organizations.
  • Developing and producing educational youth curricula in association with various federal and state agencies;
  • Helping lead a local church;
  • Leading and co-directing an International high school/college student program;
  • Founding an itinerant Christian ministry with my wife and serving across multiple cities and states with emphasis on discovering, developing and transforming spiritual cultures;
  • Founding an instructional and consulting business;
  • Serving as a competitive swim coach and private instructor for a competitive swim team and county program;
  • Developing, leading and directing high school aged youth camps;


What I Value
Influencing my understanding and guiding my efforts with personal and organizational cultural transformation, the key values that frame and fuel my insights include:

  • Freedom – Having both the opportunity and consistent support to live out the truth of one’s personal strengths and gifts.
  • Personal Responsibility – Growing is each individual’s choice, where each person has the consistent opportunity to own without fear their words and actions, as well as their successes and failures.
  • Courageous Communication – Cultivating authentic and fearless communication for the purpose of relational health and perseverance.
  • Servant Leadership – Using one’s leadership strengths to help others succeed.
  • Honoring Relationships – Possessing and demonstrating authentic value and appreciation for others and the beneficial uniqueness of their personality, gifts, strengths and wisdom.
  • Encouragement’s Power – Seeking to strengthen courage and hope in the hearts of others in all circumstances.
  • Present – Future Vision – Focusing on what can be and how to get there.


Purpose & Vision
The primary Purpose & Vision of Red Beryl Consulting seeks to provide insight and help to further find and strengthen the treasures of people. Whether in a personal or company life context, I can provide assistance in transforming and strengthening inner culture based on the connection with a company’s key values.

Why the name, Red Beryl (beer-yl)? Considered one of, if not the rarest of all gemstones in the world, Red Beryl remains more costly than gold and more sought after than diamonds. Its unique coloring distinguishes itself from all other related gemstones. Only one primary location, the Wah Wah mountain range in southwest Utah, yields gem-quality stones of significant quantity. As a metaphor, Red Beryl represents the brilliance of each and every individual who possess rare and unique strengths, gifts and abilities unlike any other. But like most treasure, it must be discovered, celebrated and understood for its full influence to unfold.


Motivational Beliefs
Fundamentally, I believe that every person possesses innate worth and potential for positive and enduring relational influence given by their Creator.  Discovery, along with affirmation, encouragement and deepening understanding, can help to bring greater experiences of purposeful life. The same can also can provide ongoing direction as to where and how their gifts and strengths can best serve others within the cultural environments they travel, whether as leaders or support staff.


Consulting Commitment
As a consultant, I commit all the resources, experience and gifts that I possess for the purpose of helping individuals and organizations further identify, strengthen and achieve the true destinies of their heart. I firmly believe that once we understand and accept the treasures we possess, life takes on a new brilliance transforming the world around us beyond what we could imagine. I would love to help serve you and your personnel towards this end.

Mark G. Francis

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