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KennedyOur Relationship Together

I highly value both PROCESS and STRATEGY in helping determine ways to support you or your organization towards cultural transformation. The following provides an overview of how we could work together:

My Approach – The Consulting Process

  • Discovery
    • Evaluative efforts designed to assess and identify desired values, unique problems, and strategic action towards improvement or solution.
  • Encouragement
    • Intentional affirmation and strengthening of valued qualities, abilities, and strengths of individuals, team members and leaders.
  • Communication
    • Creating and/or enhancing consistent and seamless language for understanding cultural values and directional changes.
  • Empower
    • Providing equipping leadership for educational and/or action-based training and resources to initiate and lead cultural transformation within daily life of individuals and/or organizations.

My Action Strategies – Targeted Support for Change

There are a number of connection avenues for my involvement, as tailored by need, audience and goals.

  • Life/Leadership Coaching/Mentoring
    • Helping to draw out the best in people and teams
  • Leadership/Staff Development Projects/Programs
    • Growing and enhancing the impact of leaders and staff to your organization/business
  • Strengthening Company Blueprint Statements
    • Clarifying the intents and decision-making mission and values for personal and/or business actions.
  • Cultural Assessments and Action Plans
    • Identifying current cultural practices, changes needed and how to get there
  • Equipping for Cultural Growth
    • Developing, coordinating and/or providing specialized training opportunities for altering cultural environments
  • Individua/Team Leadership Equipping: Relational Leadership Equipping — An Intro (NS)

Consulting Relationship Options & Fees

Red Beryl’s consulting services and fees are negotiated with individual clients to meet their specific needs towards measured results and solutions. Relationship is key to me, regardless of how I deliver my support. Together we can figure that out.

Our Initial Visit – Exploring Together

Red Beryl offers a non-binding, initial visit (up to one hour) to explore your needs and if I can help. There is no fee for this initial visit as my gift to you. Contact me today to schedule your visit. I look forward to meeting you!

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