KennedyMy Gameplan

I highly value both PROCESS and STRATEGY in helping determine ways to bring either personal or organizational cultural transformation. The following briefly overviews these aspects of my potential involvement, each uniquely tailored for each client:

My Approach – The Consulting Process

  • Discovery
    • Evaluative efforts designed to assess and identify unique characteristics of targeted cultural efforts, whether personal or organizational.
  • Encouragement
    • Intentional affirmation and strengthening of valued qualities, abilities, and strengths of individuals, team members and leaders.
  • Communication
    • Creating and/or enhancing consistent and seamless language for understanding cultural values and directional changes.
  • Empower
    • Providing equipping leadership for educational and/or action-based training and resources to initiate and lead cultural transformation within daily life of individuals and/or organizations.

My Action Strategies – Targeted Emphasis Areas of Effort

There are a number of connection avenues for my involvement, as tailored by need, audience and goals.

  • Life/Leadership Coaching
    • Helping to draw out the best in people and teams
  • Leadership/Staff Development Projects/Programs
    • Growing and enhancing the impact of leaders and staff to your business
  • Strengthening Company Blueprint Statements
    • Clarifying the intents and decision-making values for personal and/or business decisions.
  • Cultural Assessments and Action Plans
    • Identifying current cultural practices, changes needed and how to get there
  • Equipping for Cultural Growth
    • Developing, coordinating and/or providing specialized training opportunities for altering cultural environments

Consulting Relationship Options & Fees

Recognizing that each client is unique, Red Beryl’s consulting services and fees are negotiated with individual clients to meet their specific needs. The following represents some of the more common consulting relationships:

  • General Personalized Consulting Support (Hourly or monthly Rate)*
  • Unique Project Development, Oversight and Support (Fee negotiated)*– For example:
    • Development of internal leadership development program
    • Creation and/or updating of company blueprint statements
  • Instructional Training Modules (Fee negotiated)*
  • Personal Life/Leadership Coaching (Hourly Fee Negotiated)*

*Business expenses not included, and can include travel, transportation, hotel, food and materials costs required during the fulfillment of consulting services.

Our Initial Visit – Exploring Together

Red Beryl offers a non-binding, initial visit, whether for personal life or leadership coaching or for organizational efforts, for up to one hour to explore what it is you want to solve or explore together. There is no fee for this initial visit as a gift to you. Contact me today to schedule your visit — you have an encourager ready to support you and your team toward greater impact.

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