The Virtue of Consistency

A life legacy flows from a collection of daily personal offerings amid the journey of one’s life. Even more significant in our present age where speed marks every level of individual and community culture, possessing a heart desire for the seemingly slower process of consistency becomes impactful beyond measure. Whether you are a leader or team player, the strength of your consistency shapes the impact you can have upon your sphere of influence. To build something that lasts, whether solid communication, positive motivations, or behaviors that value yourself or others, exercising consistency in a specific direction with measurable steps is a key process. Each of us have a unique capacity for consistency. But like other virtues, to grow means to choose to exercise it. Determine those areas you want to be more consistent and then make a step in that direction each and every day. Before long, you may surprise yourself.

About Mark Francis

An encourager at heart who desires to support others discover and live authentically in their strengths and gifts. View all posts by Mark Francis

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