Why cultural coaching?

How would you describe the organizational environment of your team? Of your organization? Of your leadership team? What cultural direction are you going and how do you get there? How do you measure success? Most importantly, what’s the point — how does culture affect your bottom line, whatever that may be?

These and related questions are significant whether recognized or not. Every organized collection of people operates by some set of code related to values that drive decisions, leadership styles, and how personnel feel about their involvement. Persistent and enduring organizations make culture part of their organizational success plan. Do you?

As a cultural coach, my desire is to help individuals, teams and whole organizations understand this powerful influence, its present role and more importantly, how it can be transformed to provide an environment for greater organizational success. Culture happens. It can also be intentionally created and sustained through time. Which do you desire?

My gift to you is a 1-2 hour initial visit to explore your potential needs and ways I could help. Why this gift? Because I would simply like the opportunity to at least share some encouragement with you over your present journey, regardless if we go any further. You are where you are because of the unique treasures you possess and how you offer it to others. I honor that success. How about growing it more? I appreciate your consideration.

About Mark Francis

An encourager at heart who desires to support others discover and live authentically in their strengths and gifts. View all posts by Mark Francis

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