What Impact Do You Have?

As a leader, you expect to impact circumstances around you. Increasing revenue, changing business outlooks, growing client population and the like remain as types of measurements that are both valuable and significant. But what about the people you encounter? More specifically, what about those you lead? How are they impacted by your leadership?

Important questions that determine both the quality and enduring nature of your role, I want to share some resources that can help you bridge what you may understand as your impact and what actually others receive from you. The Bridging Assessment Resources provide one mechanism for assessing your influence upon other leaders and teams you lead. Designed as a means of providing real-time perceptions how you connect with others, the results can give you the necessary strategic guidance over areas of strengths, as well as those that need attention.

For your copy, download from my HOMEPAGE on this website. Whether you choose to use it personally or would like my involvement for developing targeted action plans for growth, I offer it as a gift for your success. Let me know your comments and how it works for you.

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An encourager at heart who desires to support others discover and live authentically in their strengths and gifts. View all posts by Mark Francis

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