A Journey Into Discovery

I want to challenge you today…will you take my dare?

The life you possess is of the rarest form. Why? Because there is no one else like you! Yet, we all get into those places where we diminish our living and begin to exist. Sound familiar? I know…I don’t like it either.

To challenge these parts of our life, I dare you to embark on a journey. Where to? A journey with wide open arms ready to embrace discovery, and no, not a place. No, I challenge you to explore the reality of who you are. There is more to you than you have seen or experienced. There are worlds of personal virtue you have been given to discover for this time and season of your life. What? Really?

Let me ask…have you fully plunged the depth of your serving others? What about the manner you honor others? Have you fully come to understand, much less do this consistently? You get my hints. I am daring you to ask more of yourself when it comes to positive, healthy and powerful internal virtues that serve and bless others.

I will be doing this too. I’ve been convicted of the “more” of my heart that I have not tapped into, especially as it connects to the world around me — people, environments, work, play, etc.

Let’s go after this with all we have. And if you need help or someone to walk it with, I would be honored to be a part of your journey. Together, let’s make this the year of discovery, impacting our world with the strengths we possess.

You can do it! I dare you!


About Mark Francis

An encourager at heart who desires to support others discover and live authentically in their strengths and gifts. View all posts by Mark Francis

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