Why cultural coaching?

How would you describe the organizational environment of your team? Of your organization? Of your leadership team? What cultural direction are you going and how do you get there? How do you measure success? Most importantly, what’s the point — how does culture affect your bottom line, whatever that may be?

These and related questions are significant whether recognized or not. Every organized collection of people operates by some set of code related to values that drive decisions, leadership styles, and how personnel feel about their involvement. Persistent and enduring organizations make culture part of their organizational success plan. Do you?

As a cultural coach, my desire is to help individuals, teams and whole organizations understand this powerful influence, its present role and more importantly, how it can be transformed to provide an environment for greater organizational success. Culture happens. It can also be intentionally created and sustained through time. Which do you desire?

My gift to you is a 1-2 hour initial visit to explore your potential needs and ways I could help. Why this gift? Because I would simply like the opportunity to at least share some encouragement with you over your present journey, regardless if we go any further. You are where you are because of the unique treasures you possess and how you offer it to others. I honor that success. How about growing it more? I appreciate your consideration.

The Virtue of Consistency

A life legacy flows from a collection of daily personal offerings amid the journey of one’s life. Even more significant in our present age where speed marks every level of individual and community culture, possessing a heart desire for the seemingly slower process of consistency becomes impactful beyond measure. Whether you are a leader or team player, the strength of your consistency shapes the impact you can have upon your sphere of influence. To build something that lasts, whether solid communication, positive motivations, or behaviors that value yourself or others, exercising consistency in a specific direction with measurable steps is a key process. Each of us have a unique capacity for consistency. But like other virtues, to grow means to choose to exercise it. Determine those areas you want to be more consistent and then make a step in that direction each and every day. Before long, you may surprise yourself.

The Trust Bridge

Imagine the strongest bridge you have traveled upon. Regardless of its size, the distance it spans, or the two areas it connects, building this connecting pathway took planning, time and foundational pillars sunk into deep bedrock. Building trust with others, especially with co-workers, takes many of the same qualities. Intentional effort to honor and value others, faithful consistency in word and action, and the time-tested fulfillment of spoken promises each provide the necessary materials for building an enduring and strong trust bridge with others. In many ways, on-going trust behaves more like a living thing, than something that is accomplished and finished. A virtue that needs faithful attention and intentional valuing, its presence inserts itself into every aspect of organizational life. Take a moment today to evaluate your trust bridges with those you walk with. Are you making each of them stronger and connecting with others in a secure way? Make 2016 the year of strengthening each of your trust bridges.

Be Courageous!

You are unlike anyone else that will ever grace this planet. Unique and gifted, the journey of your life is designed to draw out the DNA gifts and strengths that make you a force in this time. Your life, while valuable in itself, also is meant to bring impact, hope and life to those you encounter and walk this journey. Every step you take is one of courage, trusting the overwhelming truth that your life is worth it. Set your heart for what’s ahead…press forward and be courageous!

Needing Encouragement?

Like fresh water, encouragement is a daily drink for our souls that brings life to our hearts through vision and hope. Unfortunately for too many of us, we can go days without receiving it from those around us regardless of their role in our life. However each of us can change that. Encouragement can come in the spoken or written word and actions that affirm one’s journey, gifts or character. What it takes is a vision to look around and see others beyond yourself. But, to do so takes intent and purpose. Don’t know where to start? I would love to help. Let’s connect and explore it together. Who knows, you just might get encouraged along the way!

Culture’s Impact

How is your organization’s culture impacting your efforts? Do you have cultural goals you are wanting to achieve? How do you measure cultural success? How many of your staff are enjoying their work or looking to leave because of your organizational culture? How is your bottom line, whether financial or otherwise, affected by your organizational environment?

These and other questions are increasingly more relevant in today’s world of organizational proliferation. Establishing, sustaining and maintaining a climate for organizational growth and impact, both internally and externally, is a significant context for exploring and answering these and other relevant questions that truly influence organizational success. To not only capture the “pulse” of your current culture, but to consistently work on one’s cultural environment helps to impact every level of organizational life — individual, team and collectively as an entity.

A common theme emerges both from practical experience and intentional cultural philosophy — Culture happens — it will be defined by defaulting circumstance or by specific vision. Who is defining yours?

How is your organizational culture?

All organizations have a culture that defines their internal environment and impacts every aspect of life within — decision-making, relationships, staff motivations, job performance and yes, the bottom line. These values and beliefs, ultimately leading to action strategies, are either intentionally created, strengthened and sustained, or they will be arise by default. More organizations are realizing the importance of being pro-active in their efforts to identify, establish and promote the kind of organizational life they want for their staff and clients. Red Beryl Consulting is here to help in this process and provide resources for the success of all involved.

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